A dynamic rhythmical treatment for rejuvenation, muscle relaxation, improved circulation and immune response.

The Kahuna massage is a deep, rhythmical, full-body massage and fingers, 
knuckles, heels, palms, forearms and elbow are all used. 
Its proponents claim that it releases congested energy in the body and improves circulation.
Flow bodywork is unique in a number of respects. By using hands, forearms and elbows to move around the table we work with energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage.

We adapt each treatment to the needs of our client. We will consult with you about the current state of your physical, mental and emotional health. This assists both client and therapist in deciding on the treatment focus for the session.
During the massage, it helps to focus attention on your breathing. Each inhalation draws fresh energy and inspiration into your body and mind. Each exhalation dissolves your tension, to let go of anything that limits you and to deepen your experience of relaxation.
Should you experience any discomfort or would like to express a particular need, feel free to communicate with your therapist at any stage during the massage.
After your massage it is important to drink plenty of water as this assists in the detoxifying process.

Flow is a healing modality Hawaiian philosophy centered on achieving harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Along with improving circulation and promoting relaxation, 
Flow is said to provide many spiritual and emotional benefits such as relief of fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions.
One of the goals of this caring massage is to remove blockages in the body’s natural flow of energywhich are thought to contribute to problems in physical, emotional, and mental health.
This means that you should not expect any particular routine even though the form of massage
typically involves rhythmic, flowing movements. It will always involve the use of meditating and breathing exercises.