Flotation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation is a relaxation therapy you truly need to experience to understand how it can enhance your life. By entering our luxurious float pod, your brain no longer needs to process light, sound, gravity, or even moderate your body temperature. For one hour your body is weightless, floating in water with over ±500kgs of Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate) dissolved into it, creating a zero-gravity environment. The combination of darkness, silence, and body temperature weightlessness creates the perfect environment for restoration and rejuvenation. Through this practice, you can expect a variety of benefits for the mind, body and soul.. Float for general relaxation, alleviating stress, detoxing and pain relief.

"Floating can and should be a window into newness, uniqueness, and a penetration deep into new domains of the mind." - Dr. John Cunningham Lilly

With that said by Dr. John Cunningham Lilly, the creator of the floatation tank, we would like to impart a few more practical points so that you are able to fully enjoy your float experience. 

1) Avoid consuming large meals/liquids 2-4 hours before your relaxation session. We have a lovely cafe that can replenish you imeediately afterward!
2) To ensure you have time to fully relax and enjoy your experience please arrive 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT START TIME. This allows us to comfortably check you in and prepare you for your session as well as address any questions or needs you may require.
3) Please wait 48 hours after hair color treatments or spray tanning to book a session.
4) Use waterproof Band Aids to cover cuts. (We provide Vaseline for small cuts or scratches to prevent stinging).
4) For further enhancement we highly recommend pairing a private flow massage session prior to or following your float therapy for an even deeper experience.

With practice, floating can become a powerful tool for relaxing the body/mind connection, exploring your creativity, and connecting existing ideas with new answers. Over time continued float experiences can free your mind from the "burdens" of external stimulation, allowing you to process your thoughts in new and unique ways.